Welcome to my blog. This is my first venture into the world of blogging. Being a private person, it is somewhat strange to just share your inner thoughts with the world, however as a photographer this is a choice I already made. To share my beliefs, my ideas, and yes myself.

For my first post I would like to talk about winning the little battles. The battles I am talking about are the everyday choices we make. Choices like eating healthy or inhaling a Big Mac, to be a better person or not, or simply to feed our passions instead of starving dreams. 
The little battles we must win.

As a father and a husband its a daily struggle for me to keep my passions burning while filling the role of the head of the household. Usually something suffers in some way. Given that I love my wife and son more than anything, even more than the thrill I get from taking pictures, usually my photography takes the hit. But Why? Is it because I am making excuses?

There are lessons I have learned in this juggling act of art and life, ways of balancing the responsibility and also staying on the path of your dreams. The main rule is like the old Nike motto, JUST DO IT! 

First of all, the idea that you have to choose one or the other is complete bullshit. Is it challenging? YES. Can you multitask and do both? FUCK YES. For example I am working a full-time job and have been carrying my M8 with me everyday to work. Sometimes I take it out of the bag, other times it just stays protected inside its case, never seeing the light of day. Most of the time I have not been shooting because I have been feeling like the act of working full-time is betraying my passion for photography, keeping me away from following my bliss, which deflates me and keeps my camera in its bag. It's a big lie, don't believe you can't do what you need to. 
The truth is the camera does not come out of the bag mostly because I don't take it out, and in turn the days it doesn't get out are days life seems to be harder for me. Why is that? Is it because the images that I see everyday never get embedded into reality or is it something else? I think the real reason those days are harder, is the idea that I am accepting the fact that I don't have the time, or that something else is more important than stopping the car, taking the camera out and shooting.
The truth is there is nothing stopping me, except me. Its like the Mos Def song, I against I.
Myself, the most worthy opponent. 


Next time you find yourself in a battle, or at a crossroad, I want you to win. You need to win.
When you see that old woman struggling with her groceries, give a hand like you know you should. When you want that chocolate cake, eat something healthier for you instead, you will feel better. When your passion is calling, pick up the phone.

I would like this first post to be about a battle I recently won. 
When I was able to pull the car over, grab my camera and take some images of a handball game.
It was Friday, I was tired after a long week, I wanted to get home. Then I saw these old men passionately playing this game of handball as I was stopped at a red-light on the South-side of Chicago. I knew the sun was in a good place because after so many years of shooting you see light and you just know when its right. I also knew I had my camera with me. I needed to get out of the car and take some pictures. So... what was stopping me? Nothing at all.
I busted a U-Turn, grabbed the Leica and started shooting this Handball game. 
Is the result the greatest photo I have taken? No. However, its a photo I am damn proud of, because I won the battle. I kept my passion alive for another day, and I JUST DID IT.

So can you.

Nicholas Pinto